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Getting Around    


Adria Airways (Gosposvetska 6, Ljubljana, Tel: +386 1 239 1910), Slovenia`s national air carrier, is a regional member of Star Alliance and offers links between Ljubljana and most European cities. Since 2004 the low-cost carrier easyJet has offered daily flights from Lubljana to London, and lately Air France has also begun offering daily flights between Ljubljana and Paris.


Its been a while since the famous Orient Express passed through Slovenia, and railway transport has since lost much of its glamour. But if you are feeling adventurous and would like to hop on a train headed for the hinterlands, or anywhere in Europe for that matter, contact the Ljubljana Railway Station at Trg OF (Tel: +386 1 291 3332).


Ljubljana has an efficient bus transport network, but even a Ph.D. would have difficulty understanding the route map and schedule. Its best to seek help by calling or visiting the tourist information center beforehand. All bus fares are identical, regardless of the distance or route traveled, but tokens, or žetoni, can be purchased for a lower price. Further information can be found on the Ljubljana Bus Information and for bus trips outside of Ljubljana, contact the main bus station at Trg OF (Tel: +386 90 4230), located across from the main rail-way station.


The handy 4-digit taxi numbers in Ljubljana have all disappeared recently (perhaps because they never worked from mobile phones), but if you need a cab in a jiffy, you can reach the Rumeni (yellow) taxi company at +386 1 41 731 831, which also accepts the Ljubljana Tourist Card. Other companies offering taxi service include Intercity (+386 41 445 406) and Intertours (+386 1 31 311 311). If you're in the center of the city, you might be surprised to find a cab waiting by the door practically before you hang up!


Walking tours of Ljubljana are offered by the Tourist Information Centre, located by the 'Triple Bridge' (Tel: 306 12 15), for a cost of EUR 7.50 for adults and EUR 4.00 for children and senior citizens. From May through September, walking tours begin daily at 10:00 and 18:00 (in Slovene and English, and in June through August also in German and Italian) in front of the town hall at Mestni trg 1. During the off season, between 1 October and 30 April, tours are held Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays at 11:00 (in Slovene, English, Italian and German). Specialized guided tours can also be arranged, highlighting certain features of the city, such as the Old Town and the Castle, the works of Plečnik and other famous Slovene architects, or the ancient ruins of Emona.

By Bicycle... since last year, the Ljubljana Tourist Board has introduced guided cycling tours of Ljubljana, from mid April until the end of October, which can be pre-booked at the Slovenian Tourist Information Centre at Krekov trg 10, near the main marketplace. The tour is available for groups of a minimum of three and a maximum of nine people at the price of 3000 tolars per person. The price also includes personal accident insurance.

By Boat or Balloon... you can now experience the sights and sounds of Ljubljana from a tourist boat, which offers unique views of the city's bridges, banks, trees and buildings. Passengers embark at the Ribji trg pier, which is located along Cankar Quay (in the immediate vicinity the Triple Bridge). Departure starts in front of the Town Hall at Mestni trg 1. The price is EUR 7.50 for adults and EUR 4.00 for children below the age of 12. And as of this year you can also book a hot air balloon ride over the city! Departures start daily at 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. from March to September. Why not try a panoramic flight over Ljubljana for a unique and memorable way of experiencing the city! For boat or balloon tours contact the Tourist Information Centre (Tel: +386 1 306 1215) for departure information and other details.


If you prefer to let your "fingers do the walking", calls can be made from any public phone booth, but first purchase a phone card from any Post Office. They are available with four different value rates (relating to the amount of impulses or time you want to use for your calls).

All listings with no area code are local calls from within Ljubljana or the surrounding area, otherwise dial 01 before the number. To call outside of Slovenia you must first dial 00.


113 Police to report accidents or any emergencies.
112 Emergency Information (First Aid, fire, ambulance).
987 Emergency road assistance.

Emergency Medical Service:
Medical Centre, Bohori č eva 4, Tel: 232 30 60


American Express: 433 20 24
MasterCard /EuroCard: 425 01 55
Visa: 433 21 32
Diners Club: 568 73 00


115 International Operator for collect or person-to-person calls.
1188 Directory Assistance to find a local phone number.


981 General city information (24 hours). Call and you will get an English-speaking operator who will try to answer your questions regarding entertainment and other general information about the city and events.

Ljubljana Tourist Information Center: 306 12 15.
Slovene Tourist Board: 589 18 40.
Cultural Information Center: 251 40 25.
Student Travelers can call OU, the national student information service:431 32 82.


Flight info from Ljubljanas Brnik airport: (04) 206 19 81.

Airport Shuttle service: (040) 887 766.

Ljubljana Railway Station: 291 33 32, for intercity rail information.

Ljubljana Bus Station: 090 42 30, for Bus travel information (outside Ljubljana).

Traffic and road status information: 534 13 41.

For taxi service in Ljubljana, try one of the following numbers:

041/731 831, 041/445 406, 031/311 311.


Whether you're thinking of spending the night, or are planning for an extended stay, our Hotel & Accommodation Guide is the first place you will want to look.

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