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Culture & Entertainment

Ljubljana Arts Venues


Cankarjev dom, Prešernova 10, 01/241 71 00

Relic and reminder of times when culture was a centralized, state-controlled affair, this enormous arts and convention center boasts 13 performance spaces of varying size, all designed in the same familiar palace-of-culture style known from Warsaw to Tirana. And it's still the place where almost everything happens, whether it be concerts of classical or popular music, dance performances, art exhibitions, trade fairs, film screenings, or workshops. So there's really no escaping it.


Križanke Summer Theatre, Miklošičeva 28, 01/439 64 45

Situated on French Revolution Square is one of the architectural and cultural masterpieces of Ljubljana. Formerly a monastery, the site has been renovated into a modern open-air theatre complex that hosts world renowned performers. The main stage with an orchestra pit is suitable for various theatrical and musical stagings (operas, operettas, ballet, etc.), symphonic concerts, as well as pop and jazz concerts. The entire theatre and audience area is even outfitted with a large sliding roof making performances possible in the event of bad weather, so you can leave your umbrellas at home.

Ljubljana Castle

You should know that the castle above Ljubljana doesn't offer only a beautiful view. In the Estate Hall concerts take place regularly, and during the summer, the Ljubljana Festival organizes many music and theater performances right on the central square. Other interesting events are also happening year-round. In the winter (October 1 to April 30) the castle is open from 10 am to 7 pm and in the summer (May 1 to September 30) from 10 am to 12 pm. The Virtual Museum and Castle Tower are definitely the best sources of information about Ljubljana if you don't have a lot of time. Information and reservation: Phone and fax: 01/232 99 94.

Philharmonic Hall, Kongresni trg, 01/241 08 00

After more than a year of reconstruction, the traditional home of the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra is open once again. This custard-yellow concert hall shows its bare modern backside to the river, turning a more elegant face (cryptically inscribed "Academia Philharmonicorum") towards Kongresni trg. The spiritual ancestor of one of Europe's oldest musical societies, Philharmonic Hall has now reassumed its rightful place as Ljubljana's foremost classical music venue.


Slovenian National Drama Theater, Erjavčeva 1, 01/252 15 11

Founded in 1867, the Slovenian National Drama Theater is housed today in an Art Nouveau style building originally constructed for a German language theater. In fact the theater's current name dates only from 1992. SND has two stages at its disposal here, a large one for drama and other spectacles, as well as a smaller one for more intimate performances.

Slovenian National Opera and Ballet Theater, Zupančičeva 1, 01/425 48 40

Ljubljana's opera house, built in appropriately grand style by two Czech architects, first opened in 1882. Following a century marked by the usual succession of politically-motivated name and language changes, it now hosts the Slovenian National Opera and Ballet companies. The opera's 2001/2002 season includes favorites by Verdi, Mozart and Smetana.


Global, Tomšičeva 1 (top floor of the Nama dept. store), 

Wait in line by the glass elevator doors outside Nama along with other late-night partiers for a chance to strut your stuff with Ljubljana's "in" crowd. The newest addition to Ljubljana's entertainment scene, Global combines a functional daytime restaurant and cafe with a fantastic view of the city, plus a popular nightclub, and even an emergency ATM machine next to the bar.


Hound Dog, Trg prekomorskih brigad 4 (part of the Hotel-M complex), 01/519 50 55

Spacious, stylish venue with quality live music and good service. DJ program every night (e.g. Mon. guitar heroes, Tues. modern rock, Wed. disco roots, Thurs. soul, surf rock etc, Fri. mixed, Sat. mixed, Sun. melancholy tunes).

Jazz Club Gajo, Beethovnova 8, 01/425 32 06

Great central setting for quality live jazz. There are jam sessions every Monday, while gigs by domestic and foreign jazz acts tend to happen on Wednesdays. For program details check the club's fancy website at

K4, Kersnikova 4, 01/431 70 10, 9pm to 4am daily

A watchword on the Ljubljana alternative scene since the late 80s, K4 is still striving to maintain its cutting edge. This chrome-and-neon downtown club is up to something different each night: rock, jazz, folk and hiphop gigs, techno events, student parties, performance art, even travel lectures. It also features one of the city's rare gay and lesbian outlets every Sunday.

KUD France Prešeren, Karunova 14, 01/283 22 88, 11am to 1am daily

Born way back in 1919, KUD is still a leading player on the local alternative scene. On any given day you'll find it serving as a performance space, art gallery, discussion forum or concert stage, and sometimes even all of these at once. This Trnovo landmark's monthly schedule is loaded with literary happenings, workshops, children's activities and lectures as well. There's also a nice little cafe on the premises.

Metelkova mesto, Metelkova cesta, 01/432 33 78

This squatted former federal army barracks was once a primary test case for social tolerance in post-independence Ljubljana. But the city seems to have finally conceded it to the enterprising free spirits who've turned Metelkova into the most unique and lively nightspot in town. Venues here include Gala Hala (punk/metal), Gromki (performance), Tiffany (gay), Klub Monokel (lesbian), Mizzart (low-fi), Menza (eclectic) and Channel Zero (dance). Program info can be scant; best go see for yourself whats happening.

Orto Bar, Grablovičeva 1, 01/232 16 74, 8pm to 4 am daily

An archetypal red velvet lounge dispensing hard liquor and heavy tunes, Orto is one of Ljubljana's leading live music venues, with punk, blues and "trash" acts appearing weekly. Bands perform in the upstairs room, which usually gets packed and smoky to the point of asphyxiation. The spectacle of ceaselessly spinning turbine fans in the downstairs walls is likewise not for the faint-hearted.

Sub Sub Club, Celovška 25, 01/434 75 55

Open since the end of 2000, this recent arrival on Ljubljana's none-too-diverse dance club scene offers the most consistently fresh mix of new sounds. That's mainly because Sub Sub is the brainchild of Radyoyo, a collective of local breakbeat DJs who also have a weekly radio show and a record label. Located down in the basement of Hala Tivoli, the club has yet to go full time, but usually hosts two or three events a week: look out for their sharp, streamlined posters.

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